Last Updated: Over a year ago
Date of Birth: 06 Jan, 1999
Nationality: Saudi Arabia
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Location: Jubail, Saudi Arabia
Contact Information
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I seek to apply the experiences and skills acquired during my academic stage within a competitive work environment that enhances my ability to progress, operate my creative skills, and elevate the work organization to the utmost levels of distinction and creativity.
Professional Experience
Work History
• customer service, United Electronics Company
Date Employed: Oct 2021 - Current
Jubail, Saudi Arabia
• Teacher, Arkan Afkar Corporation
Date Employed: Dec 2020 - May 2021
Jubail, Saudi Arabia
Education History
• 2020 - Bachelors, Kindergarten
Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University( GPA: 3.84/5 )
Jubail, Saudi Arabia
// Graduation / Research project:

Preparing the graduation research entitled (The extent of the influence of the story strategy on controlling violence behavior among children in kindergarten)

Course NameInstitute NameYear of completion
English language course for four monthsBritish Ministry of Labor2021
Preparing and building the questionnaire and statistical analysisKing Khalid University2020
Strategic financial planningTaif University2020
Effective communication with clientsHuman Resources Development Fund2020
Fundamentals of electronic retail and supply chainsHuman Resources Development Fund2020
Driving basicsHuman Resources Development Fund2020
Online marketing at the lowest costsGeneral Authority for Small and Large Establishments2020
Customer Service - Dealing ProfessionallyHuman Resources Development Fund2020
Customer service for sales office staffSaudi Telecom Company stc2020
Customer service and brandingHuman Resources Development Fund2020
Executive Secretary Chain - Communicate effectivelyHuman Resources Development Fund2020
An introductory introduction to strategic human resources planningHuman Resources Development Fund2020
An introduction to social media marketingHuman Resources Development Fund2020
Introduction to human resource functionsHuman Resources Development Fund2020
Skills of vertical and cross sellingSaudi Telecom Company stc2020
Understanding customersHuman Resources Development Fund2020
Smart work ethicHuman Resources Development Fund2020
Strategic PlanningTaif University2020
Cybersecurity "responding to cyber attacks"King Khalid University2020
FranchiseInnovation and Entrepreneurship Center "Taif University"2020
Productive families and marketingDelnee Business Center "Social Development Bank"2020
Information security courseHuman Resources Development Fund2019
An ambassador initiative course to develop skills, work readiness and financial cultureSaudi achievement "ambassador"2018
The interactive whiteboard workshop (easiteach) programLearning Resources Center in the third secondary school in Jubail2017
Training program towards a researcher communityDepartment of Planning and Development in the General Administration of Education in the Eastern Province2016
Skills & Languages
Professional Skills
  • Problem-solving skill
  • Time management skill
  • High communication skill
  • Teamwork skill
  • sense of responsibility
  • The skill of writing and expression
  • Organizational and marketing skill
  • Skill in using Oracle software
Computer Skills
  • Design skill
  • Data analysis skill
  • Skill in using all Microsoft Office programs
  • Skill in writing and printing speed
  • Skill in using e-mail
  • Skill in managing files
  • English, Intermediate
  • Arabic, Native