The best match for skills and opportunities
AlKhatwa is an online application that offers the following three functions: Creating and publishing CVs for individuals, posting jobs for companies and providing companies with contact information for individuals through the ‘Wasl’ service.

For Individuals

AlKhatwa is an online service for all Job seekers looking for employment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. By having an Arabic and English CV, job seekers can connect to listed companies and recruitment agencies. Through our website, we care that job seekers are presented professionally in order to increase their chances of being found easily by employers.

For Companies

After registering, companies and recruitment offices can view the content of CVs for free. They also can post jobs for both the private and the public sector.

Everyone deserves to look good

Your CV is your personal passport. It shows where you’ve come from and where you are headed. Alkhatwa CVs helps you look good and professional, allowing you to distinguish yourself by including your picture, video and any social networks you are active on.

We understand your needs

As we value sharing information and having choices, AlKhatwa allows you to have Arabic and English CVs downloadable as free PDFs (Portable Document Format) In addition, you can control the privacy of your information, share it with the public or with companies or just keep it for yourself as a reference.