We would like to welcome you and thank you for visiting our site.

We created Alkhatwa to help in solving the escalating issue of unemployment. Nowadays corporations and organizations are increasing in size and number and at the same time, the demand for jobs is growing as well. However, with the development of technology and the abundance of choices, this demand has changed in its nature. Job seekers want to know other attributes such as location, industry, job type, company policy, and working environment. Increased awareness has transformed the value of a job, turning it into a reason for happiness and having a balanced life.

We have chosen Alkhatwa, a name in Arabic, which means 'The Step'. It represents the drive behind the decision of choosing a job. Alkhatwa is the courage to make a positive transition, to initiate and pursue a chosen path and to thrive for the best.

We developed Alkhatwa to be a transparent portal to connect job seekers and companies, where employers can connect with job seekers in a simple way.

Our ambition is to provide a convenient service, as we promise to keep developing and sincerely listen to all your suggestion and comments.

Aala Mazhar
Founder / General Manager
mazhar.a (at) alkhatwa (dot) com